uPVC Window Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs

Every part of a UPVC window can be replaced, Hinges, Handles, Gasket, Seals, Locks, Espag Locks, Glass - everything.  So if you have draughty double glazing then it's likely your hinges need to be replaced.  Window not opening - then the lock will have seized up.  Handle spinning round - then perhaps it's time to replace the handle.  Locked Shut Window?  We love'em - give us a call.

Steamed Up Double Glazing? Condensation in Double Glazing?

Fogged Up Double Glazing

How many ways can you describe it?  Water in the Weatherglaze? Misted DGU'S? Seals Gone? Anyway, it looks terrible.  The windows never look clean, the light is being stopped from entering the room, and eventually it will fill up with water! (Check the gallery for some pics of a window that a goldfish could live in!).

Well, luckily the solution is clear and simple.  Replace the Glass. The Glass Unit pops out and we replace it with a brand new A-Rated one. Done.

Broken Window? Smashed Glass? Cracked Double Glazing?

Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Safety Glass, Leading, Georgian Bars, Sandblasting, Privacy Glass, Patterned Glass, Fire Proof, - Our Factory can produce any sort of glass to meet your requirements. All windows and Glazing is A-Rated  Energy Rated Glazing.

We can supply & fit replacement glass,double glazed units, etc - give us a call for more info.

Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors repairs are one of our specialities.  Seigenia, Aubi, ROTO etc. we can fix them all. 

Give us a call for more info.