Front Door Locks - Wooden Door Locks

Locksmith Services
Lockchanges, Lock Upgrades, Lock Installation, Lock Opening, Lock Breaking - we do them all.  Professional, Insured, Best Products - Fitted Correctly.  Wooden Door Locks, uPVC Door Locks, Aluminium Door Locks - we can fix or open or change them all.

20+ years of experience, bringing honest advice and top class workmanship. 

Most Insurance companies insist on a minimum level of security on Doors and Windows.  Usually a 5 Point Locking System (Multipoint Lock) or a 5 Lever Mortice Lock (Chubb Lock). If you live in an apartment and have a wooden front door, then you may require an additional lock to the handle you currently have.   Should you require these locks to be installed then please feel free to call us for a quote or more information.

uPVC Door Locks

Locks, Euro Profile Cylinder
Most uPVC door have a 3 or 5 point lock fitted, known as a Multiopoint Lock.  There are many different makes and styles with varying measurements - although they do look all the same.  Some have hooks, some have rollers, some have mushrooms or some have a combination of these.  All will lock into the door frame once the handle is lifted and then locked once the key is turned in the cylinder.

These locks can be repaired, replaced and upgraded.

There is a well known weakness with these style of locks which is being widely exploited, we can help you avoid this.  For a quote feel free to call us or for more info.

Aluminium Door Locks & Sliding Patio Doors Locks

Locks, Sliding Patio Door Locks, Euro Profile Cylinder & Oval Profile Cylinders

 Aluminium Doors, especially the older ones usually have a centre lock casement and then two bolts at the top and bottom of the door.  Unless it is a Slidiong Patio Door.  These have a number of different lock types.  All can be repaired or replaced.  Additionally, sliding patio doors are particularly vulnerable to a number of weaknesses which burglars may exploit - we can help fix all these.  Feel free to call us for more info or to arrange an appointment for us to call to you.

Anti Snap Anti Bump Euro Profile Cylinders 

High Security Locks

There are locks on the market which will increase the level of security on your house.  Anti Snap Cylinders are popular as they are relatively cheap, straightforward to fit and very effective.

High Security Nightlatches are an excellent upgrade, these locks resist 'slipping' - whereby a standard night latch can be manipulated into opening.  Additionally, High Security Night Latches also have lockable features, reinforced latches and snibs further adding to thier effectiveness.

Anti Pick, Anti Snap, Anti Bump, Anti Drill.

Master Key Suites, Keyed Alike Suites, Communal Door Suites

Key Systems

We can supply and fit Keyed and Lock Systems to meet your needs and requirements.  Whether it's for Apartment Buildings, Schools, Offices or Warehouses etc. We can supply the correct level of locks and the keying system for your ease of use. Feel free to call us for more info or to arrange a call out.

Door Hardware 

Door Closers, Handles, Letterboxes, Spyholes

We can supply and fit Door Closers, Handles, Letterboxes, Spyholes and all types of Door Hardware.  Apartment Complex Post Boxes, thumbplates, thumb turns, door restrictors, chains, escutcheons - basically if it goes on or near a door or window then we can put it on there for you, quickly, professionally and giving you value for money.