Door Repairs

uPVC, Aluminium, Wooden Door Repairs, Sliding Patio Door Repairs, French Door Repairs

Door Repairs are another of our areas of expertise.  Call us, explain the problem and we'll tell you we can fix it.  Simple.  We'll ask you for a convenient time to visit and we'll turn up and fix it.

uPVC Door Panels, Glass for Sliding Doors, Glass for Front Doors, Hinges, Door Handles, Door Locks, Letter Boxes, Door Leaks, Door Draughts, we can fix'em ASAP!

Door Adjustments 

Door Re-Alignements, Door Adjustments

Draughty Doors?  Not Closing or Not Locking properly?  Gaps in the Door Seal? Leaking Water Under the Door!?  Don't Panic! It's only money flying out throught the gap! It's only burglars peeking under the door!  Only joking.  It's a strightforward door re-alignment you need.  Doors and Frames move over time and through use, so the majority of them need to to be re-adjusted.  Sometimes door seals need to be replaced or added to, somtimes new draught excluders are in order.  Whatever it takes, we can do it for you.

Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors

Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors repairs are one of our specialities. Seigenia, Aubi, ROTO etc. we can fix them all.

Give us a call for more info.

Sliding Patio Doors Repairs
  Sliding Patio Door Rolllers Sliding Patio Door Wheels
.... tracks, rollers, wheels, locks, glass - we can fix anything your sliding patio door.  Replace the Rollers, Replace the Track, Realign the Door, Fix the Lock, Replace the Lock, New Handles, New Lever - or we can add extra locks to your patio door for extra security.