Anti Snap Locks

Anti Snap Locks - What are they?

Anti Snap Locks are Lock Cylinders which are proven to cause potential burglars a head ache when they attack the lock.  Usually, the Anti Snap Lock is also Anti Bump, Anti Drill and Anti Pick.  In other words - a High Security Lock Cylinder.

 Anti Snap Locks work by being stronger than regular cylinders with the addition of a buillt in weak point, which should the cylinder come under attack, breaks off protecting the vulnerability of the lock which burglars are looking to exploit.

With Anti Drill Features, Anti Bump Key Protection and Anti Pick Safe Guards, this is the Top of The Range Lock Cylinder which every Door Cannot Be without.

Remember though, Bump Resistant DOES NOT MEAN Anti Bump.  The Lock Cylinder MUST be ANTI SNAP or SNAP SAFE. 

Anti Snap Locks - Where should they be used?

Anti Snap Locks - Where should I install them then?

Ideally, Anti Snap locks should be installed in every external door which allows it.

Of course they are more expensive than regular locks, but, its the extra proctection that you are paying for.  So, if your budget can only stretch to one Door, then pick the most vulnerable one. 

Should you be getting more than one Anti Snap Lock fitted in your home or premises then we can of course apply a discount accordingly.

Cylinder locks are vulnerable to a technique known as "lock snapping", where force is applied to the lock until it breaks into two pieces. The attack exploits the fact that a double cylinder lock is inherently weak in the centre. The attack typically takes between 50 seconds and 2 minutes. In February 2012 West Yorkshire Police revealed that 27% of all burglaries in the county used this technique

Anti Snap Locks - A History 

Well, you must be really bored...

European profile (or Euro profile) is a type of cylinder design predominately used in Europe. Unlike traditional mortise and rim cylinders, the Euro profile uses a single piece of metal to connect both sides of the lock. A single cam component is placed between the two sides of the lock and is directly connected to both plugs.

The Euro profile is convenient to install and replace, but it has some serious security shortcomings that must be taken into consideration.

The Euro Profile Cylinder is prevalent everywhere, Aluminium Doors, uPVC Doors, Wooden Doors, Homes, Offices, Shops, Front Doors, Patio Doors, Porch Doors, Garage Doors, Padlocks, Schools - keep an eye out.  They're everywhere.